Colorful moth | Sneak peak of a daytrip to a ponyfarm

Funny how moths can look when you look close enough

I don't often get to capture a moth with cool pattern on camera. When I get the chance I take it. When I was looking at a wooden puzzle in the Ponyfarm we visited, after a few minutes this moth sat down on the puzzle. It grabbed my attention immediately because of the blue and yellow colors on his body and wings. As I was already taking pictures of the puzzle, I had enough time to focus on the moth and capture it.

Don't you agree it's just the most amazing creature when you zoom in?
If I didn't capture it myself, I'd think it was a fake moth from wood that had been painted with blue, yellow and white paint.

Did you notice that one wing looks blue and the other looks black? I didn't notice this on the spot, but afterwards when I had a good look at these pictures.

I wish that I had more time taking pictures

But after I shot a few of them, it decided to find another spot to sit. Maybe it was annoyed by my presence as I was holding the phone above him? Either way, I'm happy I was able to catch this little fella on camera, it's great to see what kind of beauty nature creates.

Sneak peak of our day trip

The rest of our day trip also contained a lot of nature and animals. The pony farm was just the most peaceful place I've visited here to be honest.

A sneak peak to show you some of it's beauty:

Lovely green!


Playhouses at the sand area




Overall cuteness

For the rest of the pictures, stay tuned, I will create a separate article for these. I took more than 100 pictures of the afternoon and they were actually almost all worth it. It was a cuteness overload location, and well worth the entrance fee we paid!

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