Christmas Choir NFT Wanted! <--> Packs Opening & Giveaway #34 (Win NFT)

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Welcome to the Rising Star Packs Opening and Giveaway video! The new special (seasonal) mission is ready and active! After the Halloween Mission, we have a new Christmas Mission with similar rules to the previous one... The most wanted card in the packs is the Christmas Choir NFT which allows you to do the mission where you can find another 2 instrument cards... Also, when you collect 10 NFTs from each card you can blend them into an animated "version" with more powerful specs! You can find more details in the official post at

So, I have a clear mission and goal in the next opening videos... To find at least 10 Christmas Choir cards inside the packs and blend that awesome animated card... :) In the Halloween mission, I have done that by buying (and exchanging) a few cards and we will see how it will be this time... I have started my "mission" by opening 12 packs today...

Don't forget to check the giveaway inside the video... The rules are easy, you check the video, find the pack from which one you have to choose ONE card, and put the name of that card in the comment section! The lucky winner will be chosen by a random picker inside the NEXT Rising Star video!

Check out the video for more details!

If you are not playing this game, you can sign up here

Thanks for watching!

Music by: Heyson .:. Royale


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How did you get so many cold pizza slices?

Its rentable?

Can u tell me more about

I want Jeeves!!! I hope tow in, kind regards

Just figured you can actually buy them, but for some reason you don't find them on the market. Go your collection --> boosters --> cold pizza slice --> market. They are 2.5 hive or 10k starbits each


As I can see, you got the answer... ;) Pizza boxes and slices are most important thing in the game ;)

Regarding Odyssee, it's a website based on LBRY blockchain and token... Mostly used as a video platform where people can tip each other, but you also have automatic tips that are connected with number of views that your videos have...

Thanks, will for sure use odysee! Everyday you learn something new.

@zapf-brannigan, were your ears burning cause you've been pulled.

Congrats on the Xmas Choir!

Jeeves for me please.

Jeeves for me please

R112 Jeeves

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I would love a R122 Jeeves please!

Please count me in for the giveaway! @andy-plays

please Jeeves!

R112 Jeeves @stonmack

R112 Jeeves Please

Jeeves Please :D

R112 Jeeves Please @lokywolf2295

Congrats to @subwaysurfer!

And congrats on getting a S27 Christmas Choir.

I would like R122 Jeeves. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. !PIZZA


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R112 Jeeves, please.
Good luck everyone!

R112 Jeeves :) @mpoukovo

R112 Jeeves

Jeeves @amaillo

R112 Jeeves

I had no luck getting the seasonal card even though I opened up around 60 packs. I will try again later when I get more starbits.

R112 Jeeves Please @saimaali

R112 Jeeves @whickey

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R112 Jeeves, please. @l0b0

R122 Jeeves @zeclipse