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Hive Minecraft has been around for a little over a week. If you want more information about it, check out my previous posts or just look at the #hiveminecraft tag.

I also recommend you hop on our Discord Server.

I have been building my base with my son, but for the last few days he is so hooked on beating all the Dark Souls to prepare for Elden Ring, he hasn't really been on much. At first I was pretty much beating the games for him, he would just help out, but now he has beaten The Nameless King and Midir solo and working on Manus, the three hardest bosses in the series. I am so proud of him, I am so stoked to explore Elden Ring together.

Mal & Dintz Base


Our base is pretty massive thanks almost entirely to the mod Mine Colonies developed by our own @raycoms and @reggaemuffin. I was shocked when I discovered they were on Hive when I first discovered the mod a few years ago. It is really one of the most impressive Minecraft mods.

Basically the mod adds tons of NPCs and buildings allowing you to create a village. With lots of resources and time they can be self sufficient.

One of my favorite things about the mod is the wandering guards.


As you are frequently raided due to this mod, having a lot of defense is important, although I typically smash the raids myself. It is good to have guards for other mobs.




I also love the mineshaft the Miner creates. This entire structure and its tunnels are all created by NPCs, although it took a lot of resources and running around to supply him with everything. My colony is starting to become more self sufficient as I build new buildings to automate crafting core materials and hiring workers to do these jobs. It's a very long process.


The entire mod starts from a Supply Ship or Supply Wagon. You can choose either depending if you want to start on the ocean or on land. My son really likes the ship so we went that direction.



I haven't spent a lot of time making our house look good, I'm not much of a creative type. I prefer to work on automation and progression as you can see from our core base.

Here you will see Mekanism ore processing, which I am currently at tripling phase. I do however have a very highly upgraded Refined Storage device that handles all our item storage and some auto crafting.



Here you will see the Crafting Grid, Pattern Grid, Crafting Monitor, Gold Auto Crafter, Disk Drive, Disk Manipulator, and wireless transmitter.

This are the core components of the Refined Storage mod, what you should focus on getting as quickly as possible. I used to use Applied Energistics ME system, but Refined Storage is a more modern replacement.


Here we are auto crafting a very complex component 64K Storage Component, this requires many steps to build each of the smaller storage units first. These recipes have been put into the auto crafter so I can one click create this component allowing the Refined Storage Crafter to build all the necessary components.


Meanwhile, while crafting a pirate raid attacked our town. I dispatched them and returned to showing off our base.


The next part of our base is our ore processing, using Mekanism advanced factories, we can triple process ore resulting in 3 ingots per ore. While this is fairly advanced, you can go to as high as 5x which each stage getting progressively more complex.

While our setup needs some work, each machine has an import on the top that takes anything produced and sends it to our storage system. In the back of the machines are item pipes that send clumps and dusts to a chest which is picked up by the appropriate machine to auto process them.

Each machine handles a different part of the process and creates it's own output. Starting left to right, the first machine takes raw ore and turns it into clumps which is then sent to the next machine to create dirty dust. The next machine refines this dirty dust which is finally sent to the smelter to be smelted into ingots.


Under our Mekanism machines is some dirty secrets. Our reactor powers each of the devices through a universal power cable and we have a water pump and electrolytic separator to produce Oxygen for our Mekanism machines, a requirement for 3x ore production.

Oxygen production is a lot slower so we have an chemical tank to hold a buffer of Oyxgen, currently this isn't keeping up with our machines even running at only partial upgrades. We will need to rethink this process and likely add more separators to create Oyxgen faster. Although at 4x production more chemicals are required and introduces more problems.



This process is extremely resource intensive and so we have a small nuclear reactor to power it. While this is a small 3x3x6 reactor, it is enough to run the machines provided I keep feeding it uranium. We have plans to drastically improve this reactor making a massive reactor providing far more power allowing us to mine and process ores at a much quicker pace.


Under our reactor needs a lot of work and will be done when we create a much bigger reactor, but here you can see a battery supply to provide a power buffer and a Flux network that allows us to wireless power devices in other dimensions.


We have managed to track down some Allthemodium, one of the more elusive ores in this pack allowing us to create a teleporter pad to a mining dimension.


We used this to create an RF Builder to auto mine resources to an ender chest that is imported automatically into our storage system. Unfortunately our power doesn't allow us to run the miner at full speeds and our ore processing isn't fully automated to handle ores coming in at high speed. Some auto crafting and logistics have to be setup to process everything.


Another player has beaten the Ender Dragon, but another can be created by performing a ritual. I haven't had a chance to do that yet. We did some exploration of The End but haven't found anything useful yet, just a few interesting areas.


We do have an automated enderman killing farm here, but we don't have a way to hurdle enderman to it so it is more of a manual process of getting their attention to the kill box. We will work on this in due tim, we have a decent supply of ender pearls already.

We have also reached Nether and got a lot of resources there, but we haven't started auto farming there yet.


I did manage to create and update a very high tech Mining Device, which I haven't used a lot but requires elusive Allthemodium ores to create. It is pretty cool but I still usually use my pick axe to mine manually, this device is very useful for mining from a distance and more dangerous to reach places.

That's it for now, this is a quick highlight of our base and technology behind it. There is a lot more going on, but this is our most important pieces.

If you haven't joined our server, I highly recommend you do. You can find all the details in my previous Hive Minecraft posts. As of right now, we have 22 active players.


Your base is going along really good Marky. I've came to your factory a few times to check the nuclear reactor setup while you're away because I had trouble with setting mine, but it's all good now.

Because I've seen you put the mob grinder in the end, I thought you might like to know that I made an Enderman XP farm there, just make sure to bring a jetpack because it's a few hundred block into the void :).

Hive Minecraft to the moon 🚀

I am not heavily into games at the moment as I'm trying to keep up with life’s demands 😂 but my niece is a gamer and I am sure she would love to hop on this one.

I love the fact that this game pays attention to details in the way it’s setup and its story.

Off topic: I love to see the bonding between you and your son especially through games.

Wow this is definitely a work well done and it's looks more attractive to participate or play

It’s nice feeling to be able to play game’s with your son, you’re a fortunate father. I know because I am one also.

Really loving how the world is turning out! Seems like every day more people are joining in.

Man, have i been wasting my life, I only have a box house that @raymondspeaks helped me build....lololol I've got to get busy!

My Dad used to always restrict my video games and computer games to an extreme. I'll always remember that and him running up the stairs to catch me playing past the time allotment or curfew he imposed. It's good to see you embracing this with your son and making it a joint activity. That's how it's supposed to be.

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