Polygon launches blockchain gaming and NFT studio.

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The crypto game market is growing rapidly at an accelerated pace and NFT together with the Blockchain technology behind this innovation has started to gain a lot of popularity.

Recently i discovered a lot of articles in the field of Blockchain where it is said that Polygon launches blockchain gaming and NFT studio offering over 100 million USD to finance NFT projects for games. To find out more about this news, i recommend the link below.

To attract gamers and more gaming-focused developers to the network, Polygon is launching a new NFT and gaming studio called Polygon Studios. In this way, it seems that Poligon is trying to develop by investing enormously in two profitable segments of the blockchain industry: games and non-fungible tokens.

Interesting fact is that Polygon, which started in 2019, is being used by more than 90 decentralized apps (DApps) and it has had more than seven million transactions and 200,000 users.

Polygon’s goal is to scale Ethereum so that it can be a mass adoption platform, allowing NFTs to enter the mainstream. said Shreyansh Singh, head of gaming and NFTs at Polygon, in an interview with GamesBeat.