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Sorry I know I was a few weeks late with the giveaway. A lot going on and I forgot to do it. This was the last one and the winner of that is.

2022-05-22 15_48_56-Window.png

I hope it helps you @screamheart

This week to enter the giveaway let me know how ready you are for the new ranked rewards?

Include your in-game name if it is different from your hive account.

You Might Win a Nerissa

2022-05-22 15_58_52-Window.png


@tipu curate

Oh I love this card. So underrated! Also, I am so pumped for the new ranked rewards. I think it is a total drag that after you play your five quest battles now, its best just to rest your account until tomorrow. I want to play more! Bring on the new ranked rewards.

IGN: Dtam

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Count me in! Thank you for the giveaway!
IGN: @xheadhunterz
Honestly I'm very hyped up for it, it should be game changing! Excited for the new cards too, I hope the older RW cards won't go out of print just yet!
I've been playing since December and all updates prior to this did not get me excited at all, but for this one I am looking forward to it!
!Gif thank you

I'm not ready at all, this is gonna be a tough change, but possibly necessary

Count me in please. For me, I think I am ready for the rework of reward system, and I did some preparations for that. such as maxing all my reward cards, honestly I don't know what will be happen exactly, but I think I just did a right thing


!Gif pizza

Cannot wait for all the changes ahead! Looking forward to see how the focus element works and getting so many daily chests each day hopefully. Thanks!

Not too excited about the new change. But ready to test the numbers of chest that can be realistically obtained daily.

count me in



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I'm so hyped for the changes. Would love to get some more cards, but I'm also happy with my current position

count me in!
!gif awesome!

I have enough power to stay at silver but in terms of utility, I'm still lacking specially when there are lots of factors that will affect the amount of rewards you will received such as win streak, the focus, the alpha, beta, gold card bonus and guild bonus. On the very least, I do have all the starter Chaos Legion cards so it will not be further decreased just because I use starter cards that I do not owned.

IGN: crimepoet

Finally there will be more chests to open!

I am so ready for the new ranked rewards 😆
Thanks for the giveaway!

I can't wait to stop opening just a few chests and get to some more meaningful end of season rewards. Let's see how the system works but I assume it will be much better than the current one, also should accelerate reward cards print by a lot which is a good thing I think.

I think I'm going to be ok for the new ranked rewards. I expect rentals to increase somewhat, and have earmarked those starter cards which I normally use for rental/buying.

Not ready at all... I began playing 3 days ago, so I really need cards, thanks for the giveaway! @engilhramn

Hey! 👋
Oh wow count me in, it's a very good card I love to use it! 😁


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I am looking forward for the new rank rewards. I hope bots will be lessen if not eradicated from the game.

@jdike joins this giveaway, but he is utterly unprepared! a new card from this giveaway would be a blessing :D

I like the changes, as I think it'll reduce the bot problem by a bit! More human players playing, the better!

IGN: @luizeba

Hello, please count me in. Thank You.

Nice card, count me in!


Let's go!

Mmmmm ready enough i guess xD
IGN: @amaillo-m
!Gif dancing-8bits

Very ready! Hehe! Thanks! @relf87

I am not sure if I am ready. Not sure what to expect.
Thank you.

good to have new cards that is easily accessible and may change the meta so bring it in!
ign ronrei04

Nice card!

I'm really hyped for the new reward system and can't really wait to try it out. This new system will help the game a lot and maybe some new players will find their way to Splinterlands.

IGN: @flummi97

I already bought most of the chaos legion cards (those affordable only 😅 ) for this

I’m 100% ready! I’d love to join! @agog

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Count me in please @johnweed
Always ready like a good free player!! LFG!!

i'm ready but my wallet is not haha
ign joyish

I'm ready; I got at least 1 of every common and rare + some epics of Chaos Legion to boost my reward points.

Ign bishhh

I'm ready for it

Nope, not ready especially my wallet. Just yolo to see if I can get those new things or not

I'm not ready. Need another BTC crash to get a shot at cheap assets


IGN ochako
I'm soooo excited for some new Chests...

Yeah, I am excited and ready

Wish me luck

I am already ready, i own all cl cards so the change to ghost cards wont affect me