Splinterlands: Making my way back to Diamond League lets go ... 2 days left

in #sptlast month

Hello Community


Chillin in Gold 2 now... working back to Diamond league lets go...

Also I have been stacking dem Gladius packs. Once my guild goes to Store level 8 I will be opening these up.


Hope that you enjoyed go through the post.
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Have an Great day


Wow, that is an amazing amount of gladius packs. I am guessing something opens up at level 8 because I forgot what that is.

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That's a good amount. There is little left for this season to end, open to see what luck brings us.

Wow pretty good amount of Gladius case. Hope you get LGF on your pack openings.

Happy for you. Hoping that I can reach Gold III on or before the end of the year.




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