Splinterlands: My entry into the Art competition - Week 153

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Hello Community

I decided to draw a character that I just got recently from a Gladius Case -

Art 302 - version 4.jpg


Game 959.jpg

Quora is an epic card and a very powerful card to be used in brawls. Llama + Quora seems to be a good match against llama + Kron...


Step 1: Basic Sketch

I started with a rough sketch to get the proportions right.

Art 302 - version 1.jpg

Step 2: Changing the background

Art 302 - version 2.jpg

Step 3: refinement of the drawing

I added more detail to represent the powerful auras of the character. It is a very powerful character.

Art 302 - version 4.jpg

And thats it for now...


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Always do your own research before you put money into a game


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